1005 natural fruit without additive Freeze Dried Hawthorn Powder

1005 natural fruit without additive Freeze Dried Hawthorn Powder

Product name:Freeze Dried Hawthorn Powder

Extract Part:sarcocarp

Assay:Vitamin ect

Extraction Type:Water Solvent Extraction

Appearance:Red-Brown powder

Test Method:HPLC/UV/TLC



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Product Details

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Product name:Freeze Dried Hawthorn Powder

Latin Name:Crataegus pinnatifida Bunge

Particle size: 100% 80 mesh

Grade: AAAAA

Brand Name: JT

Place of Origin: Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

Hawthorn Extract Powder 10:1 20:1 etc.

2-95% Flavone UV or 0.2-0.4% Vitexin

Hawthorn, also known as mountain fruit, mountain red, stone fruit, hard nuclear, thin flesh, slightly sour taste. Fruit can be eaten raw or fruit cake, dried and can be used as medicine. It is a unique Chinese medicine and fruit tree. It has the functions of lowering blood fat, blood pressure, strengthening heart and anti-arrhythmia. It is also a spleen appetite and digestion stagnation. The good medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis has a good effect on chest spleen fullness, suffocation, blood stasis, amenorrhea and other symptoms. The flavonoid vitexin in the hawthorn is a strong anticancer drug, and its extract has a certain effect on inhibiting the growth, proliferation, invasion and metastasis of cancer cells in vivo.

Certificate of Analysis

Product  NameHawthorn fruit Extract
Plant  Part   Hawthorn fruit
Analysis SpecificationResults 
AppearanceRed-Brown powderComplies
Heavy metals≤10ppmComplies
OdorCharacteristic Complies
Particle size100%through 80 meshComplies
Total of bacteria≤3000cfu/gComplies

Storage     Store in cool & dry place. Do not freeze. 

                  Keep away from strong light and heat. 

Shelf life    2 years when properly stored 

1. Application in food

2. Application in medical treatment

3. Application in health products

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